Jeremie Piette & Jordan Schanda

The Ultimate College Prep Course for Athletes & Non-Athletes

Collegiate sports are BIG business! Learn what it takes to excel at the college level on the field & in the classroom. Set yourself up for success, save $$$, have fun!

Jeremie Piette

DIY Highlight Video for Athletes

Don't spend thousands of dollars for 5 minutes of clips you can't change! Save money, update each year as you improve & get the scholarship...all with the iPhone in your pocket!


The Ultimate Soccer Parent Bundle

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The Ultimate Coach / Trainer Bundle

Jeremie Piette

The Soccer Parent Survival Guide: Dealing with Sports Injuries

80+ pages! Includes Tutorial Photos, Rehab plans, Helpful record-keeping spaces, Step-by-step tutorials, Concussion symptoms checklists, 35 recipes for essential oils uses + How to Refresh Your Gross Sports Gear

Jeremie Piette

Parent 'U' Guidebook: The definitive guide to player development timeline

Get the definitive Guide to 'what's next' at each level in player development. Learn what expectations you should have developmentally & technically at each age & stage of player development. A 32-page resource.