We're not here to sit the bench

We play to PLAY

  • challenge

    Set the foundation for more challenging skills + build your core & your skills.

  • calibration

    Learn how to control the ball with all surfaces of the foot + how to receive the ball.

  • control

    Pinpoints any areas of weakness in player touch & control.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    01 Mechanics & Footwork Fundamentals Video Training
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    • Age Breakdown Overview
    • Pre-Exam for Soccer Mechanics
  • 02
    Lesson 1
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    • Learn how to warm up with tic-tocs drill (or bell drills) and how to be in position to receive the ball. Think of this as a calibration drill. 
  • 03
    Lesson 2
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    • Control the ball with the sole of your foot. Learn to keep the core tight to save your legs. Mix up this drill by doing it with your turf shoes and cleats.
  • 04
    Lesson 3
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    • Tapping the ball with the inside foot then outside foot. 
  • 05
    Lesson 4
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    • Lateral movement drills to help you get you out of a bad spot if you have a defender on you. Get the ball in front of you without having to run to it.
  • 06
    Lesson 5
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    • 1-touch 2-touch and 3-touch tapping
  • 07
    Training Timeline
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    • Training Timeline
  • 08
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    • Easy Planner to Track Your Progress


Can be purchased as part of a bundle of over 2 1/2 hours of ball control training.