The Athlete's Guide to Preparing for College Sports

A step-by-step process for parents and students | taught by Jeremie Piette & Jordan Schanda

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My kid is only 12 years old. When should I take the course? College athletics recruiting timelines vary from academic timelines not only by being earlier but by gender as well. Girls can & do get recruited and committed at earlier ages than boys. The summer after 8th grade they are considered eligible. For the boys, do you know what is needed from each year for the process? ALSO, if you receive a letter of interest, do you know the actual percentage of athletes to whom those letters convert into a real offer? We recommend this course be taken as early as the summer after 7th grade but the information will be helpful, especially for boys, through the senior year of high school.

  1. How long do I have access to the course? How does for a lifetime sound?
  2. Is this just for athletes? No! This course is ideal for both academics & athletes.
  3. Is this course just for soccer players? Nope. The information contained in this course is for every athlete.
  4. How is this course different from others? We invite you to compare us! This course is the most comprehensive course out there, covering not only your athletic needs but the academic requirements as well. Athleticism is not enough. No highlight video, no matter how good, will make up for lack of knowledge about the process, the expectations, & your job. That is what makes Jeremie the perfect teacher. He played in the Olympic Development Program as a youth, was a standout NCAA athlete in both athletics and academics, & played professionally before starting his own sports business. He knows what coaches are looking for!
  5. What if I have other kids who play sports - can they use this course too? Yes! You can use this same course for them. Just pay for a second (or third!) ScholarPrep Organizer to be shipped to you. Everything else can be downloaded.
  6. Can I share my access? Unfortunately no. Access is limited to one immediate family per purchase.
Jeremie Piette & Jordan Schanda
Jeremie Piette & Jordan Schanda

Course Curriculum

The Athlete's Guide to Preparing for College
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Welcome: Introduction
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Bundle Bonus 1: The Athlete Brand
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Bundle Bonus 3: The Athlete Resume
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