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    Stop wasting your time on fancy tricks! Players need to do the simple things perfectly & soccer mechanics are the foundation to your success. Train correctly.

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Course curriculum

  • 01
    00 Welcome & Overview
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    • Pre-Exam for Soccer Mechanics
    • Age Breakdown Overview Level 1
    • Age Breakdown Overview Level 2
    • Age Breakdown Overview Level 3
    • Age Breakdown Overview Level 4
    • Age Breakdown Overview Level 5
  • 02
    01 Mechanics & Footwork Fundamentals
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    • Learn how to warm up with tic-tocs drill (or bell drills) and how to be in position to receive the ball. Think of this as a calibration drill.
    • Control the ball with the sole of your foot. Learn to keep the core tight to save your legs. Mix up this drill by doing it with your turf shoes and cleats.
    • Tapping the ball with the inside foot then outside foot. 
    • Lateral movement drills to help you get you out of a bad spot if you have a defender on you. Get the ball in front of you without having to run to it.
    • 1-touch 2-touch and 3-touch tapping
  • 03
    02 Advanced Footwork & Change of Direction
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    • Controlling the ball with your inside foot. Lateral movement, inside foot, & toe taps. 
    • Controlling the ball with your outside foot. Three step touch to help you change direction and avoid the defender. 
    • Controlling the ball with the bottom of your foot. Three step side roll drill to help you change direction. 
    • Inside foot/outside foot. Learn how to keep your heels off the ground to juke the defender. This lesson is all about getting around a defender.
    • Learn the drill to fake out the defender by changing the cadence of your dribble.
  • 04
    03 Soccer Form & Aerial Control
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    • Learn the exact spot & angle to trap the ball with your foot & control aerial passes with top of the foot.
    • This lesson is all about body mechanics & form, from your arms to your knees. Learn how to control the ball from the air AFTER it hits the ground using your inside foot & get the timing right quickly.
    • More difficult than lessons 1 & 2, this lesson will teach you how to control the ball from the air AFTER it hits the ground using the outside of your foot.
    • One of the most important techniques you can learn is how to control the ball in the air using your chest. So many players get this wrong. I'll show you 2 ways to do this with proper mechanics.
    • Avoid 'Robot' training: Control the ball out of the air & take a first touch like Ronaldinho.
  • 05
    04 Advanced Play & Rapid Development
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    • This is the "crossover" of soccer where you start one way then go the other
    • Building on what you learn in lesson 1, we add an extra touch to the drill so you can quickly evade a defender
    • Time to start "chopping" so you can quickly change directions with the ball
    • In this lesson, you learn how to receive the ball and quickly hand it off to your teammate with a chop. It's the "give and go" of soccer.
    • Learn the "stutter step" of soccer where you push the ball out in front then bring it back in.
  • 06
    05 Technical Mastery
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    • The foundational moves of this course: moving the ball side to side with a roll and a "chop". This will set the stage for the next four lessons.
    • Continuing from lesson 1, we add a second "chop" to our drill to add more misdirection for our defender
    • In this lesson, we add a second tap and then a chop to juke the defender. This drill will test your coordination!
    • Back to rolling the ball side to side but with a foot drag and a scissor to elude the defender
    • Side to side dribbling with a hop – very hard for a defender to steal the ball from you when you master this drill!
  • 07
    Training Timeline
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    • Training Timeline
  • 08
    Level Breakdown
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    • Expectation by Age or Experience
  • 09
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    • Easy Planner
    • Headers Course

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