Advanced Footwork & Change of Direction

Take your game to the Next Level | taught by Jeremie Piette

Course description

"[This training] really has improved my game in a short amount of time." - Taylor Smith

USWNT Member, National Soccer Champion (NY Western Flash) & Former UCLA Standout

Are you #soccerfluent?

This course is the second of 5 levels of training that will take your game to the next level.

The skill drills in this training are some of the best drills to increase & improve footwork with the ball.

What is #soccerfluent?

I've experienced over 15 countries as a soccer player & my own players have gone on to experience many countries themselves. If you're #soccerfluent then you can walk up to any pitch in any country & let your game do the talking. After students have completed all 5 courses, they're truly able to say #iamsoccerfluent

About this training level:

  • This training level is the transformer.
  • Very few coaches or trainers know these transforming skills.
  • This course contains some of the best overall skills, but be warned, they're not easy so practice is key.
  • Just because this is 'level 2' does NOT mean it's easy or for beginners.

Jeremie Piette
Jeremie Piette
Former pro player, now pro trainer

I am a former professional soccer player who's produced collegiate & pro standouts, I have students ranked in the top 25 in the Nation in high school, committed to BIG 12 & PAC 10 schools as Freshmen & more. Since 2007, my focus has been long-term player development & helping players go to the college & pro levels.